Graduate Credit Options

You can choose to receive graduate credit through Ashland University for an additional cost.

Currently here are the courses with Graduate Credit Approved for 2023/24

Existing Courses

  • Blended Learning EDU 6320 F1 (1hr)($185)
  • Preparing for Differentiated Instruction EDU 6320 G1(1hr)($185)
  • Unpacking Ohio's Social and Emotional Learning Standards EDU 6320 H1(1hr)($185)
  • Cyber Safety for Teachers EDU 6320 J1(1hr)($185)
  • Google Educator Level 1 EDU 6320 K1(1hr)($185)
  • Google Educator Level 2 EDU 6320 L1(2hrs)($370)

New Courses

  • EDU 6320 S1 Understanding Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)(1hr)($185)
  • EDU 6320 U1 Effective Instructional Practices for English Learners(1hr)($185)

Steps for Applying for Graduate Credit

  1. Once enrolled in the course, you will need to register with Ashland using the link provided in the course and pay the applicable fee directly to Ashland University. Note each course has its own individual link.
  2. Complete the Graduate Credit Survey item. If you answer yes to the question, then you will not receive a certificate from the PLCO. Credit is awarded by Ashland University.
  3. Complete all coursework and submit the reflection journal (non GCE courses) or Work Products (GCE Courses).
  4. Once complete, the Instructor will add a grade to your Ashland profile.
  5. Apply for a transcript and you will be sent one. (A small fee is applicable for transcript requests)

Please note you must complete your coursework and submit for a grade before August 31st, 2024, in order to allow time for grading and for Ashland to grant your credits.

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