Asynchronous: Understanding and Using Attendance Data for Improvement


Welcome to the Asynchronous Understanding and Using Attendance Data for Improvement Course.  

  • This course replicates the train-the-trainer content provided in the synchronous training that was offered in October 2023.  The asynchronous course includes video presentations, resources, and activities and makes reference to face-to-face and virtual formats.  
  • In order to complete the course, click on all of the links sequentially and complete the activities, then click on the "Mark As Done" tab for each activity to generate a checkmark.  Once all content is reviewed and activities are completed, you will be able to access the credentialing assessment.
  • Completion of the credentialing assessment is necessary to receive the RDL credential and contact hours.  Once RDLs complete the credentialing, materials from the module can be used to provide training and support within buildings and districts.

Student success starts with attendance and engaged learning, either in-person or remotely. As Ohio recovers from the negative effects of the pandemic, many families still struggle with getting students to school consistently and transitioning back to in-person learning. Students who are absent from school miss important learning opportunities, which can be difficult or even impossible to make up. Chronic absence, especially in the younger grades, can signal future high-risk patterns. In fact, chronically absent students (missing 10 percent of the school year or about 18 days or more) are significantly less likely to read proficiently by end of third grade (65% less likely) and graduate from high school on time (89% less likely). Unfortunately, chronic absenteeism in Ohio has significantly increased to 30% statewide in school year 2021-22 an increase of six percentage points compared to the year before and an increase of 13 percentage points compared to the year before the pandemic began. This results in over 120,000 additional students who are chronically absent, significantly decreasing their chances of reading on grade level and graduating from high school on time.